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Today, 800 meters from the birthplace of Jesus Christ, one special door is always open to the poor and destitute expectant mothers; Holy Family Hospital - Bethlehem, a state of the art maternity hospital, because "the poorest deserve the best".

Diabetic clinic

In 2010, Holy Family Hospital Launched its Diabetic Clinic dedicated for screening of gestational diabetes in pregnant women between 24 – 28 weeks of pregnancy and treatment of gestational diabetes, treatment of pregnant woman who are known previously to have Diabetes before pregnancy.

The clinics also run by a consultant OB/GYN, a Dietician and a Diabetic Nurse. Pregnant woman with Gestational diabetes are admitted to the hospital for full investigations and teaching sessions regarding the diet, physical exercise and treatment. The clinic provides diabetic care twice a week for better quality of care of sugar readings for all the pregnant women affected free of charge.

Since the opening of such a unique dedicated care, complications due to diabetes in pregnancy were reduced including Macrosomia (big baby), complicated vaginal deliveries (Shoulder Dystocia), and reduced caesarean section rate for Diabetic mothers and Still birth.

In Palestine generally, the rate of diabetic mothers is more than other countries due to the low socio economic situation hence the rate of gestational diabetes screened, diagnosed and treated at Holy Family Hospital is more than 15%.

The Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem: THE CRIB OF HOPE

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322 - 326 Paul VI Street
P.O. Box 8